About Konstantia Karletsa

My Story

I am an artist, a writer, a vegan, and an ecologically oriented Gemini from Greece, Europe. I am a mother of two daughters, and I live with my husband and four cats who adopted me in the process. I love to express myself through art and other creative ways.

I have been painting since childhood. I’ve held three solo painting exhibitions in Greece and abroad and participated in more than 60 group exhibitions throughout my art life. Many of my artworks belong to private collections in the USA and Europe.

My favorite medium is oil, but I also like pastels, pencils, and charcoal. I paint mostly nature and still life in detail using small canvas. Flowers, insects, and small creatures are usually my subjects, and this selection comes mostly from my love for all life through veganism. But this doesn’t mean I am limiting myself, it means I have found my heart in art. Of course, I occasionally use other mediums and subjects.

A forgotten love since high school emerged almost a decade ago, and I started taking seminars on writing fantasy and sci-fi. A book I wrote in 2017, named The Book of Totems and published by Gaiastron Publications, is a non-fiction study of animal Totems. It is available in Greek, English, and German and it was written because of my love for all animals and the guided meditation technique I am into for many years.

Life is a wonderful journey and I feel grateful to be engaged with the things I always wanted: painting, reading, writing, informing about veganism, and enjoying myself.

 Welcome to my life!


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