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I’ve been painting and writing all my life, even when life itself wouldn’t let me follow my dreams. Here I am going to show you pieces of my soul dressed in covers. Please, join me on this journey within!


The Book Of Totems has been written because of my love for the animals and my experience of many years in guided meditation. It’s the result of my 7-year personal work and contact with the archetypical totemic forms of animals that represent the collective unconscious of their species.

Totems have existed since the dawn of humanity providing protection, healing and guidance. According to traditions worldwide, each person has his/her own Totems that accompany and help in every aspect of life. This book is a first contact, a chance to find personal Totems and connect with them via guided meditations specifically created for this purpose.

The book has two parts: an introduction with some totemic history and visualization techniques and a second part with 70 selected animal Totems, their symbolisms and their specific guided meditations for each of them.


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