I rarely paint flowers the usual way. I tend to see them as excuses for imaginative flowerscapes. This way each one is unique and it seems to have a story of its own. 

Flowers are not just beautiful objects with petals, they are magical beings that embrace a world of miracles, a microcosm, they are home for incredible creatures and portals of nature to places beyond our knowing. 

Microcosm is a fascinating subject to me. Insects and little creatures live a parallel life there, in the midst of a forest, a meadow, a pot. I like to watch them and dive into their world.

If you are interested in an available painting of the ones below, you can find info by clicking on it. 



Reaching the pink 178 – AVAILABLE

Red-green flowerscape 180 – AVAILABLE

Orange flowerscape 181 – AVAILABLE

Rodondentron flower – SOLD

The Big Yellow – AVAILABLE

Climbing The Petal – SOLD

Rose – SOLD

The Rose Of Many Colors – SOLD

Multi-dropped Leaves 131 – AVAILABLE

Flower Leaf 148 – AVAILABLE

Ladybug Bud 118 – SOLD

Rose Mice 156 – SOLD

Blue Peony – Not For Sale

Back Flower Drops 130 – SOLD

Lily And Friends – SOLD

Abstract floral 95  – AVAILABLE

Lizard 164 – SOLD

Yellow Rose 151 – AVAILABLE

Complicated Flower 145 – AVAILABLE

Orange Purple Flower 134 – SOLD

Beetle On White – AVAILABLE

The White Butterfly – AVAILABLE


Pink 83 – SOLD

A Lady On Curly Petals 152SOLD

Pink Red 92 – SOLD

Girly Pink Rose 120SOLD

Lady ZerberaSOLD

Feeding Time 153 – AVAILABLE

Poppy 149 – AVAILABLE

Pink Petals 144SOLD

A Rose To Read 129 – AVAILABLE

Calla Lily 117 – AVAILABLE

Bee At Work 141SOLD

White Flower Center 109 – AVAILABLE

Ethereal 168 – AVAILABLE

Froggy 154 – AVAILABLE

Open Rose 82 – AVAILABLE

Pink In Green 87 – AVAILABLE

Flower Opening 128SOLD


Fire FlowerSOLD

Pink Flowers 93 – SOLD

Pink drop 86SOLD

A Lady With A RoseSOLD

Time To Come Close – AVAILABLE

Feeding Time 1 – AVAILABLE

Orange Rose 96SOLD

Flower Interior 101 – AVAILABLE

Rose With DropSOLD

Inside 90 – AVAILABLE

In The Middle 97 – AVAILABLE

Purple Rose 69SOLD

Peony Close Up – AVAILABLE


Rose Close Up – AVAILABLE

A Rose Galaxy 76AVAILABLE

Diving In Blue – AVAILABLE

Newly Opened Bud 67 – AVAILABLE

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