I don’t remember when I fell in love with Nature. I suppose it happened very early in my childhood as in most children. Through a difficult life, it was my stable ground, a walk in the park could change me from heartbroken to balanced. When, later, I made the connection about animals and became vegan, this link became stronger.

My paintings approach Nature with respect. It’s like I touch a sacred moment. It may be still in the painting but it implies in some way that Nature is eternally moving on and keeps changing its ways and forms. And I follow. 

If you are interested in an available painting of the ones below, you can find info by clicking on it. 

Ladybug 182 – AVAILABLE

Apple Snail 170 – AVAILABLE

Sweet Dreams 171 – AVAILABLE

Ladies 172 – AVAILABLE

Sea Waves 174 – AVAILABLE

Cherry Love – SOLD

Bird Feed – SOLD

Spiral Snail 146 – AVAILABLE

Ladybug Cocooning 89 – AVAILABLE

Drops In Green 107 – AVAILABLE

Bird – SOLD

Flying Lady – Not For Sale

An Empty (But Not So Empty) Heart 119 – AVAILABLE

Moonlight 99 – AVAILABLE

The Spiral Of Life – SOLD

Green Parrot 132 – AVAILABLE

Little Goldfish 116 – Not For Sale

Bird In Green – SOLD

Spiral Lady – AVAILABLE 

A Company Of Four 77 – SOLD

The Frog And The Butterfly – AVAILABLE

Lady Bug On Leaf – AVAILABLE

Cherry 98 – AVAILABLE 

Fruit Ladybug 91 – SOLD

Proud Bird – SOLD

Mice In Love 140 – AVAILABLE

A Bird Alone – SOLD

Kingfisher 165 – AVAILABLE

Weird Leaves 135 – AVAILABLE


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