I mainly paint flowerscapes, still lives, and nature in general. But among my usual painting subjects sometimes a seascape or an image I don’t know where to classify comes up and surprises me.

And most of these times it’s something that tends to want to share a message or a deeper meaning. I know I have to paint it because I feel attracted to it but it starts revealing its meaning later when I watch it finished and understanding comes in layers. I never really know if I got everything it wanted to communicate or if this will happen in the future or if I will ever find out at all why I painted that painting. Sometimes someone else may solve its mystery for me.

If you are interested in an available painting of the ones below, you can find info by clicking on it.

Dedicated 111 – SOLD

The Promise (Of Future) 106 – AVAILABLE

Here For You! 112 – SOLD

Spiral Leaf 114 – AVAILABLE

Match Fire 160 – AVAILABLE

Fire In The Night 169 – SOLD

The Winter Is Coming… (Hope So!) 122 – AVAILABLE

Lion – SOLD

Church On A Greek Island – SOLD

Born At Last 166 – AVAILABLE

Abstract Flower Puzzle 136 – AVAILABLE

Mouse Cheese 155 – AVAILABLE

Drop In Orange – AVAILABLE

Sunset Storm – SOLD

Drop Line 73 – AVAILABLE

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