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I have divided my Writing into Books, where my Books are, and my Writing Stuff or Writing Posts, where all my old and new available writing is. I hope being them in two places is not too complicated and it came up like this for a practical reason. smile  Particles do the same sometimes!

While I use English as my site language, my first language is Greek, and I am more confident in writing these texts in my native language. It would be unfair to both my readers and myself if I would fail to express my heroes because of the language and I really don’t want to put anyone in this kind of adventure. If you are unfamiliar with Greek and still want to read my texts, which is a great honor for me, there are always automatic ways to translate them.

If you wish to dwell in my writings, please, go to the bar above and choose from the dropdown menu of Writing the category you are interested in

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Thank you so much for your interest in my writing.

~ Konstantia Karletsa smile

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